On arrival

​What do I do:

If I just come and want to play: Pay and Play

If I am in a group and have booked a time: Group Booking

Pay and play:

When you arrive in the car park, go over to the old building and into the ball room, where you will find everything you need to play football golf.

It is self-service and you must pay before you play.

We do not take credit cards, so please bring cash.

Each player must take a ball. There are sizes 4 and 5 and all have been numbered.

Take only one payment card and write the name of one person on it as well as all the numbers on the balls. Calculate the cost and write it on the card.

Take an envelope and put the correct amount in cash together with the card into it, but remember to keep the little slip as a receipt. Seal the envelope and put it into the slot in the wall.

Now take a score card and a pencil for each group and you are ready to play.

All this is clearly described on the wall in the ball room.

Group Booking:

When you first arrive in the car park assemble in your group.

If your group has arranged to eat first then assemble in the club house or on the terrace.

We will come and welcome you, and if you like, give you a quick explanation of the rules and help you to get started.

We can help with payment either with cash or by bank transfer, however this applies only for companies

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